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Made of pressure-sterilized wax


Wooden frame


Pasieki 174, 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski
Production company "Skiba" Przemysław Skiba
We produce comb foundations and wooden beekeeping equipment. We guarantee the highest quality of our products.
The comb foundations we supply is free from spores and foulants, also their developmental forms.
15 years
of production
We have been producing comb foundations since 2002. The company was founded by a professional beekeeper.
guarantee of
We offer the highest quality products that we manufacture according to the procedures developed over the years of operation.
A wide
In our offer, apart from the comb foundations, we also have wooden beekeeping equipment.

The company was founded by an experienced beekeeper in Pasieki near Tomaszów Lubelski.

In 1987, we started making comb foundations mainly for the needs of our own apiary but also for beekeeper friends. In connection with the growing demand in 2002, we decided to purchase machines, suitably modified for our needs based on many years of experience. One of the important changes was the introduction of pressure autoclaves for wax sterilization, and a number of other changes affecting the quality of the comb foundations. We are happy to help and advise individually approaching each client so that he is fully satisfied. Cooperation "win-win".

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  • Consultancy
    We are happy to help and advise individually approaching each client.
  • Cooperation
    Cooperation of mutual benefits.
  • A variety of assortment
    We have frames, Bee feeders and we produce hives. Our company create comb foundation sheets on an basis of exchange for wax. We can also make fundation to your specification. For orders under 200 kg a non-standard charge applies.